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Shredona Skills Clinic

October 12-13


The Sedona Mountain Bike Academy is hosting a skills clinic this October that has something for every type of rider. Our 4 session format will allow participants to pick and choose what skills they would like to focus on or simply bundle them all together for the complete weekend experience. Check out the clinic schedule below, and course descriptions for more details.

Clinic Schedule:

Saturday, October 12

(Choose one)

9am -12pm Fundamentals & Bike Prep - Female Specific

9am - 12pm Fundamentals & Bike Prep - Coed

Lunch Break

(Choose one)

2:00pm - 5pm Progression Sessions - Beginner/Light Intermediate

2:00pm - 5pm Progression Sessions - Intermediate/Advanced


6:00pm - Optional dinner with the Instructors - Sedona Beer Co.

Sunday, October 13th

(Choose one)

9am - 12pm . Group Rides & Yoga Maintenance - Beginner or Intermediate-Advanced

9am - 12pm . Intro to Jumping - All Abilities

Lunch Break

(Choose one)

2:00pm-5pm The Grand Loop - Custom loops designed to tie everything together (2 Loop Options - Beginner-Intermediate)

2:00pm-5pm The Grand Loop - Custom loops designed to tie everything together (2 Loop Options - Intermediate-Advanced)

Course Descriptions:

Fundamentals and Bike Prep like the Pros - In this session, our instructors will go over the key skills every mountain biker needs to progress to the next level. Any skill level is welcome for these sessions. Beginners will be able to build their tool kit of skills correctly right from the start, avoiding the creation and dependency of bad habits. Advanced riders can re-examine their methods and check back in with the latest teaching modalities. In addition to our fundamental programming, our instructors will also go through proper bike set up, ride preparation, and maintenance tips to keep you dialed on your bike. Every rider in the clinic will walk away with a better understanding of their bike and appropriate technique. Choose from women’s specific or our co-ed class.

Progression Sessions - In these sessions, clinic participants will start to unleash their true riding potential by putting their skills to the test. Riders can choose from either our beginner course or our intermediate/advanced course. Custom routes have been designed by our local instructors to highlight some of our favorite trail features among Sedona’s infamous red rocks. These selected locations for on-trail practice will isolate specific skill use, capitalizing on the local trail knowledge of our instructors. Our years of experience riding these trail systems will deliver a unique and challenging afternoon session you will not want to miss. The key to progression is to session! We cannot stress this enough and you will learn our instructor’s mindset to sessioning in this course. How to choose the best line. How to shift your weight up and over obstacles. How to safely handle steep technical sections and much more. Every session can be modified to challenge any level or rider. So join us for an afternoon of fun on some of Sedona’s most iconic trails.

Group Ride and Yoga for Mountain Bikers - This morning session is a blend of trail riding and body/mind maintenance. Mountain biking is a rough sport, physically and mentally. Riding in Arizona is particularly demanding. Our certified mountain bike instructors are also certified yoga instructors, who are continually perfecting the most effective routine to balance long days in the saddle . This session will include both a group ride for continued individualized instruction, as well as a yoga class and discussion. Come learn techniques on how to cool down properly after a long ride, or counteract the inevitable aches and pains of the sport. We will focus on techniques to keep your body holistically strong. Prevention of common cycling injuries will be reviewed. Beginner and intermediate/advanced group rides will be available for this session, as there will be two group ride. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Sedona Bike Park Session (Pump, Flow & Jump!)- Welcome to our home, the Sedona Bike Park. Our instructors have mapped out progression features ranging from safe and small to boosting as large as you can handle. Our level two certified instructors will break down the mechanics of taking flight, safely and consistently. Jumping sessions will take place in a variety of features all over Sedona Bike Park in order to expose riders to the different types of lips, tabletops, drops and gaps IF they are feeling ready. All levels are welcome to learn the foundations of bike park riding. In addition to jumping, riders will be taught on how to pump and flow through each feature with ease. Instructors will utilize the pump track, dual slalom track and jump lines to touch on all aspects of bike park riding. Each rider is at a different place in their journey. Given this, SMBA strives to meet each person where they are at with positive encouragement and constructive feedback.

The Grand Loop - Here is where we put it all together. Instructors will help you choose from one of our FOUR loop options. Each loop will offer specific features geared towards your targeted ability range. Riders will still session sections on these loops, however our focus will be on finding our flow and finding confidence through repetition and miles. Instructors will also have the opportunity to ride behind participants allowing personalized constructive feedback. Fundamental techniques will be solidified through muscle memory as we learn to flow through Sedona’s most iconic trails. All abilities are welcome for our clinic finale.

Dinner with the Instructors - Optional social dinner event at the Sedona Beer Co. on Friday night. Join us for a great local beer selection, incredible food and even better company. All instructors from the clinic will be there to enjoy an evening with similarly minded people. Anyone who would like to connect at this event will be responsible for their own meals and beverages. We hope to see you there!



$75 for 1 session

$125 Full day (any 2 sessions)

$225 Full package (All 4 sessions!)

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