SHRED Youth Local Loops

Ages 7-18

Intermediate - Advanced Trails
Soldiers Pass - Adobe Jack Trail System - Carol Canyon Trail System


2 hour ride - Local certified Instructors - Small group size - On trail instruction

Do you want to learn how to flow on Sedona’s premier trails? Our team of MTB instructors have hand selected our favorite local loops that we love to ride right from Over the Edge Bike Shop. These loops have something for everyone with plenty of features to challenge any rider. Instructors will stop and session important features which relate to fundamental MTB skills. Learn how to flow over these features with ease to develop a new tool kit of skills…and some new friends. Groups size will vary depending on registration however all group sizes are capped at 6 participants. Local loops still fly with 1 sign up (aka private lesson) so join us for your next ride!

$40 Per person $35 For multiple sessions (please register online or call us)

See schedule for dates and times

All Rides will start and finish at Over the Edge Bike Shop

1695 State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

*Please park in the back of the shop where there is a place to fill up water and use the restroom.